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Over the last couple of months I have had the absolute pleasure of starting to do some workshops to introduce people, in my circle and theirs, to a different way of living. It has made my heart burst just thinking of all the people I have started to help change their lives for the better, getting their homes a little healthier and bodies less toxic. Most people are just surprised and completely unaware of the level of toxicity in their every day products, but equally surprised that there are so many easy, great options to change to, even in the big chain supermarkets.

Just last week I had a gorgeous friend thank me for opening her eyes, and the changes that they implemented from some of my recommendations allowed them to fall pregnant naturally after many visits to the IVF specialist. I had tears when she told me she was expecting, and I realised this is what I want to do. I want to help people change the course of their life before they are sick. Not only just in starting a family but living a longer and happier life. We seem to be dying for longer these days rather than living right up until the end, so I want to educate people of the importance of these very easy lifestyle changes!

So, I would like to start by talking about one of the toxins that is in our every day products and ways of making sure we are lowering our exposure.

  1. Phthalates:
    • These are chemicals that are in fragrances, body care products, make ups, raincoats, cheap kids toys, yoga mats, perfumes, the food that we eat and the list goes on.
    • They are hormone disruptors, which means they mimic the action of our hormones and can attach to receptors on the cell membrane. This can either open the channels and allow things to pass into the cell which is not meant to be there or shut the channel to not allow nutrients in.
    • They pass into the growing fetus from the mother and can affect the growth of the testes and can cause reduction in sperm counts (50% lower sperm counts in the past 50 years)
    • Girls are reaching puberty at 8 now and there is a link between phthalate exposure to the lowering age range.
    • Repeated exposure is the issue with phthalates. This can cause the liver to become overloaded and over worked and can be a factor in the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

So, how do we reduce our exposure to these chemicals?

  1. Eating organic where you can: Check out the Clean 15 and Dirty dozen 2017 list to determine the worst offenders. There are farmers in Perth and around Australia that will be advertising their fruits and vegetables as ‘spray-free’. This means they have eliminated the herbicide and pesticide exposure but haven’t gone through the rigorous protocols to make them ‘certified organic’. These are a good, affordable option and you can find these guys at most farmers markets.
  2. Reduce plastics in the home: Only buy children’s’ toys that have been marked phthalate free, DO NOT heat your food up in plastic containers!!
  3. Go to sites such as The Nourished Life and Biome to get natural body care products. When you are checking the labels make sure the word ‘fragrance’ is not there. Products infused with essential oils are the best.
  4. Use essential oils and diffusers instead of the fake smells in the supermarkets. If you would like to see which oils I use just click here.
  5. Margaret River Perfumery is a beautiful pop up shop displaying amazing organic, hand crafted perfumes and skin care products. The owner, Chrissy, is so passionate about low tox perfumes and about her products you can’t help but be inspired!

As you can see these chemicals, that have been researched and proven to be hormone disruptors, are everywhere. However, there are really easy options to swap to to become a little healthier and especially improve the health of our families. There are plenty of options out there and I haven’t named all of them but please start to at least look for the word “FRAGRANCE” with a little more understanding.

If you have any questions about anything I have said above please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kym xo


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information! It helped me in understanding better why natural beauty and cleaning products are so important.

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