Hemp seed sauce

This is one of the best condiment recipes I have seen and it lifts any meal, plus we can use the most amazing essential oils in it (Get yours here).

My husband and I are on a gut healing protocol for the next 6 months. This means, no sugar, gluten, dairy, nuts, seeds, grains and certain vegetables for the next 21 days. Seeds and nuts have been a staple part of our diet for the past 3 years so this one was the challenge.

Hemp hearts are ok though, thank goodness and my beautiful friends Melissa Ambrosini and Hannah have given me this recipe to get me through the next 3 weeks. I had to share it because it is epic.


150ml of filtered water

1/2 cup of hemp hearts

2 drops of doTERRA ginger essential oil

3 drops of doTERRA Lime EO

3 drops of doTERRA Lemon EO

2 drops of doTERRA pink pepper EO

Salt and Pepper to taste


Blend it up and enjoy x

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