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A course to empower you to understand your body.

Did you know that period pain isn’t normal?

Did you know that hormonal birth control can impact your gut health, stress levels and feelings of happiness?

Did you know that your grandmother’s health impacted your health?

Did you know that you can accurately track your fertile days?

Did you know that you can improve the quality of your eggs and the quality and number of sperm?

Did you know that the colour of your period bleed can indicate what might be unbalanced within your hormones?

Did you know that your PMS doesn’t have to be your NORMAL?

Did you know that if you are trained by a certified coach in fertility tracking that you may conceive 50% quicker?

These are just some of the questions that will get answered as we navigate through this course.

My own fertility/hormone journey began 8 years ago when Damian (my husband) and I first decided to start trying for a family. As with every, single couple in the world we expected to fall pregnant that day…… When you are “ready”, you are ready YESTERDAY.

I discovered very quickly that I had absolutely NO IDEA about my cycle, my body or my fertility. For one I didn’t get my period back after coming off the pill. Six months into our journey my beautiful GP decided that it was too long to wait and decided to send a referral to a fertility specialist. This is where our journey became a long and arduous one. 3.5 years of fertility treatment resulted in 2 miscarriages, 7 ovulation induction rounds, 5 IVF cycles, 1 ICSI cycle and 1 failed genetics screening cycle and no successful pregnancies.

Following what felt like nearly 4 years of failing we decided to take a break and get our bodies into optimal condition from the inside out. Now this is where our journey really took off and this is the learnings I will be sharing with you.

What a minefield it all is. Navigating this whole process and finding the research and experiencing the process has really given me an amazing understanding of the male and female bodies, especially in regards to fertility, for conception and contraception. I have spent all four years collecting knowledge via the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Hormone specialisation, Nutrition diploma, Integrative Health Practitioner training, Certified Fertility Awareness educator and rounding it out with studying Naturopathy at Endeavour College.

I have so much knowledge and information in my head in regards to hormones, health and fertility I just have to share it with YOU. With mums of daughters, with teenagers, with adolescents, with 20 to 30 somethings, for those who are ready or those who don’t think they are ready. This information is too important not to share and this is why I created this course.

This course is for you if:

  • you have an irregular cycle
  • you have uncomfortable symptoms during your cycle and are sick of making excuses for them
  • You want to use a natural alternative for contraception because you aren’t ready for children
  • You have an irregular cycle and want to understand it better
  • you are thinking about having children in the next 1 – 2 years, or in the next 10 years!
  • you want to come off hormonal contraception and want to optimise your fertility
  • you are ready for your second bub and want to understand fertility
  • you want to learn and then educate your daughters
  • you want to learn as much about your own hormones as possible without trawling through the internet

this course is for you if you are a woman!

According to studies done, did you know:

• Over 47% of women struggle with hormones?

• Only 13-26% of couples trying to conceive understand when the window of conceiving is, even if they have actively tried to understand.

• 1 in 3 pregnancies in Australia are unplanned or mistimed

• Most unplanned pregnancies are avoidable, up to 30% attributed to misunderstanding the fertile window

• Most unplanned pregnancies are avoidable, up to 30% attributed to misunderstanding the fertile window

• If couples with normal fertility have sex just once anywhere outside the fertile phase the pregnancy rates are < 0.005%

• If couples understand the fertile phase their chance of a pregnancy is 60 – 75% (That’s more than the chance of successful IVF)

I could keep going and going… They are some big numbers!

Bio-individuality is the idea that every BODY is different and understanding how our own body works is the fundamentals of vitality and longevity. Did you know that period pain isn’t normal? Did you know that your period should be clump free? Did you know that bloating is a sign that your body isn’t balanced? These are all things we have notoriously put up with because we have been told for so long that it is normal. 

Don’t get me wrong, these signs are COMMON but they are not NORMAL! 

Throughout this course you will get some a-ha moments and some downloads about how your own body works and how to accurately track your cycle for health and vitality.

When we take power back into our own hands, rather than give it away to someone else, we are one step closer to understanding how we can heal our own bodies and life a long and vital life.

What is included: 

– 8 modules of fertility awareness training and hormone health content to help you live your best and most vital life.

– Weekly facebook lives with me answering any questions you have.

– eBooks on hormone supporting recipes, DIY low tox recipe book to transform your home and a tracking schedule to track your cycle. (valued at $100)

– Video content for each lesson that you can listen to on the go

– the opportunity to work 1:1 with me to pinpoint your fertile phases and be completely confident in understanding your cycle for either contraception or conception (Highly recommended)

That is over $600 worth of inclusions for only $149 AUD!

This is amazing value. I have paid 100’s of thousands to be able to gather this knowledge and share it with you, I don’t want you to have to spend that much and go through what I did. Take ownership back of your body and understand how incredible the female body is!

I would love to work with those who are ready.

So who am I and why should you do this course?

Yes, I am an Integrative Health Practitioner, a holistic health coach and a certified fertility awareness educator but my main expertise comes from my experience.

I have some incredible experience in all aspects of hormones and fertility, 8 years in fact. I have been the student and been on the end of countless diets, programs, lifestyle changes, tracking apps, you name it – I have done it!

But there are a core group of things that have allowed my hormones to return to harmony and understand intimately my cycle and this is what you will learn in the course. This information is backed by research and science and should be mainstream, but it isn’t…yet!

I have successfully balanced and tracked my hormones and there has been a LOT of trial and error along the way. I am so grateful that I get to share this information with so many more women and help people see that they can impact their fertility, quality of life and vitality.

I am excited to show you there is another way and give you the understanding that has taken me 8 years to understand. I would love all mothers to do this course so we can really start teaching our daughters about how incredible a woman’s body actually is!

By The End of this course You Will Have:

understood how our hormones work and what can impact their balance

Learn how to intimately track your cycle and understand when there are variations without too much fuss

Started to think more holistically about a healthy hormone diet to support each phase of your cycle

Understood some lifestyle changes that boost your hormone health

Understood how to track your cycle for contraception and conception

Understood how to track your cycle for contraception and conception

Known when there are changes in your cycle and what caused them

Known how to identify the ideal time to attempt conception with ease

and so much more…..

I am so excited for you to get started so let’s dive in.