Health coaching

Health coaching was the next big step I needed to take to continue my own healing in our pursuit to start a family. My initial fascination with nutrition and how it impacts our bodies began three years ago and I have been accumulating knowledge constantly since this time. I want to inspire people to see the impact of their decisions with food now, so they can make healthier choices for the future.

I/we are still on our own health journey and one which I think will be lifelong. Balance and equilibrium is the key to good health and really listening to your body and seeing how it reacts to different food is a really great place to start.

The food that we eat literally becomes us, becomes our bones, hormones, muscles, our hair, nails, liver. Well you get the drift 🙂 So to think that food doesn’t matter doesn’t really make sense. Why would you want to be made up of coke, donuts and biscuits when you could be made up of living food like fruits, vegetables and beautiful grass-fed meats.


I am a qualified IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) health coach and have a specialisation in Hormone Health.

I am also an Integrative Health Practitioner, studying with Dr Stephen Cabral.

I have a degree in Physiotherapy and hope to study Naturopathy in the future.


In May 2019 I will begin to take on clients who have goals that include improving their health.

I hope to inspire people to live a healthier and happier life that fulfils and nourishes them.


Kym x