Learn in the comfort of your lounge room with our mini workshops

We know how busy life can get so we want to make it super easy to learn how to use these oils in your homes. We have created a mini series in our facebook group of workshops that you can pick and choose from.

Kym is in there live each week to give her insights of the essential oils she uses and recipes that are staples in her home. She even has special guests and leaders to help with some masterclasses.

Click on the links below to access these videos. (These workshops will be added as they are created LIVE in the FB group)

Happy Learning

The top 10 essential oils

Why should we use low tox lip balms?

How good is peppermint essential oil for athletic performance?


You can’t hear me for the first 5 minutes 
🙁 but I was just saying that
we have been conditioned to need chemicals to clean but I am here to tell you this is not true! 

We have been toxic free for the last 3.5 years and our house is clean, free of mould, smells amazing and we aren’t getting sick. The essential oils have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in them and help to get rid of the bacteria.

So I was also saying how amazing the On Guard blend is for cleaning as it has CLOVE in it. This literally kills mould and that’s what we use instead of bleach. Safer for everyone involved, no stress on the lungs or absorbed into our family’s feet. Plus, using it while you are having a shower saves you time and money! This is why these are so COOL.

So just go to 5.06 and then you can hear me! 

DIY Body Wash

What to do when you are sick!

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Why I choose to do the LRP

This week we are looking at body wash! This is something that we put on our body every single day and the skin is our largest organ. This is also going near our most sensitive areas so being mindful of what ingredients are in your body wash is so important! 

1. DIY: https://tappingin2nature.com/…/diy-bod…/ 

This is the easiest and cheapest way to get body wash! Definitely my number one! 

2. doTERRA body wash

3. Lavera 

4. Weleeda

5. Moogoo 

These brands continue to come up because they are all beautiful. Continue to stay away from anything at the supermarket. 

I also want you to be aware that paying more is NOT a waste of money. Those body washes are using nasty, cheap ingredients that we have been conditioned to use. Please think about your health and where you put your money! (hence why DIY is the best) 


Dishwasher powder/detergent

1. Abode
2. Ecostore
3. This recipe is awesome

Remember that ‘Fragrance’ is unnecessary and toxic.

Any questions or products you would like me to review then please let me know.

Kym xx

The chemicals in skincare are one of the reasons why we walk out of our houses in the morning with more than 170 different toxins on our skin.

doTERRA carry 4 different ranges of skincare, and I have looked at all of the ingredients. In comparison to the supermarket bought skincare lines doTERRA are super low tox and I would love for you to make the switch when you can. 

1. Verage range: $100
– Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturiser

2. Daily skincare routine: $120
– Cleanser, scrub, hydrating crea, toner

3. Anti-aging kit: $200
– Cleanser, anti-aging eye cream, tightenng serum (aka. botox in a bottle), anti-aging moisturiser

4. HD Clear range: $115
– cleanser, lotion, Spot treatment

5. Essential skin care collection: $305
– Everything in the Daily skincare and anti-aging kit

Getting them as a kit means it is cheaper too.

Kym xx
Why I choose doTERRA oils