Ditch & Switch Welcome

You’ve registered! You are IN!

We’re so excited that you’re ready to 

DITCH[synthetics] and SWITCH [to low-tox]!  

So, what do you need to know and/or do to get ready?

We’ve put together the 3 steps to take to get fully ready below!

1. Get Your Kit Together

Hopefully your kit is with you or on its way so you are ready to start the program as soon as possible.

In order to receive your course completion certificate, you will need to make 5 products from each of the weekly topics (so 20 products in total over the 4 weeks).  The Essential Bits & Bobs kit has everything you need to make all the products and more!

Buying the products individually would cost $199 but as an exclusive pack to accompany the Ditch & Switch Course, it is available to Tapping in 2 Nature Members for only $167!!  Check out everything included here: bit.ly/DitchSwitchKit

If you already have some containers and raw ingredients, or if you’re based outside of Aus, you can order individual ingredients and supplies from Essential Bits & Bobs (AUS) or a local supplier.  Check out the full supplies list for the course here

If you are a current member or have your own doTERRA account then you may also need to top up on some essential oils by ordering on your doTERRA account.  Check out the supplies list to check which oils you’ll need!

2. Get the Party Started!!

In order to receive your course completion certificate, you will need to make 5 products from each of the weekly topics (so 20 products in total over the 4 weeks).  

If you’d prefer to make your products with some friends, why not host a Ditch & Switch PARTY?

Send your friends the link to register

And check out our simple party planner! Or, connect in with a party already happening in your area!  We have Ditch & Switch Parties happening in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne.  Simply reply and we will connect you with the parties happening near you! 

3. Turn us on!

Turn on notifications in the Tapping in 2 Nature facebook group to make sure you see what’s going on!

Make sure you don’t miss out on the juicy content!  

Go to:

>> Tapping in 2 Nature ditch and switch group

>> Click on the three dots 

>> Manage Notifications

>> All Posts 

Remember to interact with the posts, encourage others and share your ideas for others to be inspired by!

Please also ensure you mark kym@tappingin2nature.com as a safe sender to receive all the content directly into your inbox.   

Each Sunday there will be a short video released into the facebook group AND you will also receive a weekly email with the content from the group sent directly to your inbox. This contains the link to the full training videos in the member portal. Each week there will be one or two topics covered and an accompanying eBook released for that topic.  These will contain recipes for you to get making your products and making simple switches to low-tox in your home. 

Week 1 – Foundation Course – the Top Ten Oils & Simple Daily Usage

Week 2 – Detoxing Your Home

Week 3 – Emotional Well-being and Low-Tox Skin Care

(Bonus content – Diffuser Blends eBook released)

Week 4 – First Aid & Child & Baby Care

(Bonus content – Pregnancy eBook released)

Week 5 – Review and final week to submit what you’ve made!


We are so excited – we cannot wait to get started with you – to see your creations and to know how great you will feel DITCHing and SWITCHing!

Any questions?