The Love.Oil.Collective is a collaboration between three women who have had beautiful experiences with the doTERRA essential oils and have decided that they can’t not share these gifts with the world. We are three professionals in differing fields who have all come together as a tribe to guide people on how to gain the health benefits they have all experienced from 100% pure plant extracts that is doTERRA.

Kym is passionate about helping people understand the benefits of reducing the toxic load in our homes and to introduce you to your ‘Natural Medicine Cabinet’. With doTERRA we can also impact the wider community with the Healing Hands foundation and Co-impact sourcing. She would love for you to have some beautiful experiences with these oils to start living the essential oil lifestyle!

Selina has always been a carer, looking out for the well-being of other. She started her essential oil journey when working in a health food store and learning from her customers. She loves to share her journey towards health and would love you to start your journey today.

Lisa is passionate about health and well-being and have found the essential oil life to improve her health but also her connectivity to those around her. Lisa loves diffusing Easy Air at night for her asthma and her partner is loving the Life Long Vitality Pack!

Nicole was searching for a way to reduce her toxic load after moving into her own home and discovered the power of these essential oils. Nicole is on a mission to teach people about the benefits of these beautiful gifts and get them into their own homes to reduce the toxic load.

We have all joined forces with Melissa Ambrosini and Nick Broadhurst to show you the power of these essential oils in your life. Please listen to the beautiful video Nick and Melissa posted for us here, and then jump back onto the website here to see how you can get your hands on these beautiful essential oils.If you would love to come to a workshop to find out more please head to our Facebook page Love.Oil.Collective to get a list of all the upcoming events.

Love.Oil.Collective xo

  1. Getting started with Essential oils
  2. DIY Recipes
  3. Essential oil infused recipes
  4. Why I chose the low tox way.
  5. Essential oils
  6. Gut friendly recipes (From our Gut Health workshop)
  7. The Home Essentials Kit : Video
  8. Events page


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