Welcome to the wellness community in Perth.

Welcome to next level health and wellness with doTERRA essential oils.

Thank you so much for being open to learning all about these beautiful gifts. Thank you for letting these guys into your life and starting your low tox journey and essential oil lifestyle. They are so versatile and there are so many ways to use them, you won’t be bored 🙂

Your health goals will be addressed with the oils that you have chosen and I will guide you through the process to set up and use them. 

If you jump onto the doTERRA website you can enter your username and password which was given to you by doTERRA in their welcome email.

When we set up a call in a few weeks we can go through the website so you know how to use the site and purchase oils whenever you like. They get sent straight to your doorstep, and they are super quick because we have a local warehouse.

Have a look at the doTERRA website for all the extra information about the company and the specifics in regards to the essential oils. I have also attached some reading for you to go through so grab a cup of tea and settle in for a relaxing evening.

As a result of you purchasing your oils through me you also get access to the My Wellness Community which is a facebook group created for you to get the most out of your oils. Recipes, suggestions, DIY’s and all the things!

Check out my website for all of my food recipes, DIY eBook, Cleaning recipes and why I started the low tox life. You can also get access to my Wholefoods for fussy family’s eBook if you click here.

Here is a video of the explanation for the Home Essentials Kit by me! If you need a little refresher on how to use the Top 10 oils for your home then here it is!

We also do monthly in-person workshops to learn more about the low tox products and other oils that doTERRA provide. We do events for community and connection to support local business and have expert speakers on health and wellness. Keep an eye out for all of this information here.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, I am here to help. I look forward to chatting in a few weeks.

Love always
Kym @ Tappingin2nature

Aroma tools : For all your bottles and rollers & accessories
Diffusional: Local bottles and rollers in bulk
Oils for Life : DIY supplies

Quick Dilution Guide
Dilution Guide
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Live Guide
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Welcome Booklet
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150 Uses for the top 10 oils