Deluxe amber collection

Deluxe amber collection


What’s Included:

4x 500ml Sprays – deluxe trigger
Shower, Toilet, Surface, Glass

6x 30ml Spritzers
Sleep Spray, Ouchie Spray, Insect Repellent, Sunburn Relief, Anti-Lice, Hand Sanitiser

9x 10ml Rollers
Immune Bomb, Immune Boost, Sleep Time, Stuffy Nose, Head Tension, Chill Out, Focus + Energy, Chest Support, Tummy Troubles

Labels and recipes included 

We are excited to get you started on your low tox journey.

Kym xx



This collection is to help you to create your own DIY blends and sprays to start you on your essential oil journey. The recipes are included and aids you in replacing cleaning products, natural medicine cabinet and emotional supports. These are all re-usable, which means happiness for your family but also for the planet. You won’t have to purchase these products ever again!