Resources to learn more

Modern Essentials

This book is a great starting point to learn about essential oils and their everyday uses.

The Essential Life

The Essential Life book will give both beginner and expert oil users an insight into using essential oils for health concerns and everyday use, from home usage through to cooking, cleaning, gardening, pets and much more.

Emotions & Essential Oils: A Modern Resource for Healing

Emotions and Essential Oils can also be purchased as a book or eBook (to access via the Kindle App on your iPhone, iPad or Mac as well as Android products).This book shows you the benefits of essential oils as emotional healers covering the 5 stages of healing:

  • Essential oils to assist in healing the physical body
  • Essential oils to assist in healing the heart
  • Essential oils to assist in releasing limiting beliefs
  • Essential oils to increase spiritual awareness and connection
  • Essential oils to inspire the fulfillment of our life’s purpose

The Healing Power of Essential Oils

This book by Eric Zielinski DC covers the top 7 oils to have in your home, ways to get started straight away and daily routines to implement.

The Inspired Little Book

Includes a large collection of natural body care and cleaning recipes.

Here are a couple more:

The Modern Essentials App

Every oil and blend is listed in this easy-to-use app and it’s a great way to simply look up what you are struggling with and find the essential oil solution at your fingertips.It’s available for iPhone and Andriod and allows you to search in two different ways:

  1. Essential oil or blend (eg Peppermint or Balance Blend), or
  2. Body system