The Home Essentials Kit

The number one kit that is sold from doTERRA is the Home Essentials Kit (HEK) and I love to talk about it, a lot!

I created this quick (30 minute video) on the HEK and I would love for you to check it out below.

PS. It was in December 2018 and the incentive was a FREE Frankincense so if you are watching this after December 2018 this is not available.



If any of the oils described above resonate with you, or the whole kit there are a couple of ways to get your hands on them.

  1. Choose a kit below:

Australian enrolment-kits 

2. Head to this page and follow all the instructions.

3. Send me an email at and we can get you started with your support!

Can’t wait to support you and get you started on your oily journey!

Kym xx