Why I chose to believe in the low tox way.

When we were first presented with the idea of having to reduce the toxic load in our home environment Damian and I were a little apprehensive. “Why haven’t we been told this before?” “Is this lady taking us for a ride?” “Why do we have to change everything if the government thinks it’s ok to put on the supermarket shelf?” These were some of the questions we were contemplating in 2015 when we were searching for another way forward to reach our health goals and to reach our ultimate goal of starting a family.

We had just been told by the fertility specialist that we would have to use a donor egg to start a family, and now we were told that changing our external environment and our internal environment was going to increase our chances of falling pregnant naturally. We were so excited but we were also wary, we knew we were desperate but we also wanted to make sure we weren’t being taken for a ride. So we decided the best way forward was to dive in, head first into the internet and research and find out whatever we could in order to really buy in to this new way of living. This included reducing our toxic load in the house but also in our food, reducing our stress and using plant based, natural medications over the synthetic stuff.

Wow, there is so much research!!!!!! There is so, so much information on the internet if you are looking. Why isn’t this in the mainstream? Why are we not being told these things? Once I saw what was happening we decided that the way forward was to get rid of all our current personal care and cleaning products and start again. Why are we using chemicals on our bodies, with our skin being our biggest organ, when we can find beautiful, ethical, sustainable brands that are plant based. We all know how good plants are for us.

Our journey involved searching through many, many, many websites, many ingredient lists, online low tox courses and of course trial and error. I will share with you a few tools that helped us reduce our toxic load and start to clean up our internal environment so our bodies could detoxify when we needed.

  1. The Low Tox Life podcast: Alexx Stuart is the brains behind the brand and had a health journey which led her down this path. She has done some incredible interviews and I have loved every one of her podcasts so far. There are even hormone and fertility specific podcasts to look at.LowToxLife-Logo
  2. The Low Tox Life e-course: Wow, so much more info here, if you want to get to the bottom of your low tox needs then do this course! It was so informative and she gives so much content for the price. I am so impressed with this course and I hope some of you will jump over there and do the course. It will be worth every cent to your health.
  3. Skin Deep Website : You can write in the search bar all of your products (well, most of them) and find out the toxicity level for yourself. You can also type in each ingredient and work out the toxicity level. Then you start to know what kind of ingredients you should be avoiding. (Phenoxyethanol, fragrance, parfum, perfume, SLS, Parabens etc) These are all known endocrine disruptors and should be moved quickly out of your cupboard.
  4. Think Dirty App: Free app to download and type in your products to see the toxicity level. I think it is American so maybe not every single Australian Product is in there so make sure you search around. thinkdirty_app_mock_1000x627-900x564
  5. Chemical Maze App: This guy saved me so much time. This is the Skin Deep website in an app. Write in your ingredients (food and cosmetics) and you will get a little green man, or a little red man to tell you whether its to be avoided or not. (He is $10.99AUD)chemical-maze-showcase

6. Love.Oil.Collective: You can also come to my low tox workshops (if you are in Perth, WA) and find out some great ways of reducing your toxic load and using plant based alternatives to clean your home and use for personal care. The Love.Oil.Collective was founded because of my passion to teach others what I had learnt. If I had gone through 3 years of fertility treatment and not known about this then how are others supposed to find out. I want to share this information with people, before they have to find out because of a health issue, or have to begin medical treatment when there are so many options to improve your health.


If you have any questions just hit me up and I will answer them the best I can. Learning why we should go low tox is the best way to make it sustainable and a life long habit. So start looking into it today and your future self, children and family will thank you for it!

Kym x

Essential Oils

The light of my life and gifts of the earth.

As you are aware my life has taken a turn down the natural, organic route as we have had some trouble starting a family. On my journey over the past 2 years I have started using essential oils, mainly for fragrance initially but as I have delved further into them I have found a whole host of reasons why we need them in our lives. My top 10 reasons I will list below.

  1. To reduce our toxic load
  2. Make the house smell amazing! (We have two beautiful (smelly) puppies)
  3. Natural remedy for every day hay fever, colds, flus and generally feeling louzy.
  4. For concentration with study and work at home.
  5. Making our own cleaning products
  6. Making my own perfumes
  7. For anxiety and to help to calm me down before big meetings
  8. To improve our sleep
  9. To improve mood
  10. To swap out my skin care regime.

And these are only my main ones, there are plenty more reasons to use the oils but these are the ones I do consistently.

The story goes like this….

  • I received some oils from a colleague and she signed me up to a network marketing business but never really supported me in letting me know how to use the oils and why.
  • I started using the lavender to help with some stress and sleep issues and it started to change my life. No more waking at night!!
  • I slowed down the use of the oils because I wasn’t given any training on how to use them so I just started to buy the Lavender and peppermint at retail prices!
  • I was getting more and more into the oils and thinking I would like to start using the oils as a platform to educate people about the low tox life.
  • When I left my stressful workplace the Lavender Peace blend was supporting me through and at the same time I came across PATH TO FREEDOM (synchronicity)
  • It all came at the right time for me and I launched my workshops and continued to learn and teach about the oils.
  • Here I am today with a circle of family and friends that have started loving the oils and using them to replace products in their homes.

What are essential oils and why do we need them in our life you ask?IMG_4199

Essential oils are pure plant extracts made by distilling plants and then separating the oils and water. When I was looking into the quality of said oils I was checking to make sure I would receive the highest quality of plant and oils. There are significant differences between all of the companies that sell the oils and I was a little confused about which ones to choose. For example you can walk into Kmart and Big W and there are essential oils there that you can use but these are not pure essential oils. They are synthetic smells and have the phthalates in them that are the endocrine disruptors. So we need to steer clear of the poor quality ones.

I choose doTERRA oils because they have rigorous third party testing to make sure they are of the highest quality. If there are problems with the batch, the oil is discarded and you might not be able to get that same oil for another year or so. They also guarantee that the plants are not produced with the use of pesticides or herbicides but cannot declare organic as each country has different standards.

doTERRA also grow their plants where they are indigenous to, in other words the best growing conditions of the plant. So we are getting our frankincense from Somalia, Lavender from Bulgaria, Lemons from Sicily, Eucalyptus from Australia etc. This produces the highest quality plants and oils instead of bulk producing them from owned farms in America alone.

The third thing I love about doTERRA is that they are putting money back into the communities that grow the plants. They are paying the farmers directly and making sure the conditions are first world. They have a charity called ‘Healing hands’ and they are building schools in Nepal and Somalia and making sure there is clean fresh water in these places. From what I have seen doTERRA is a very conscious brand and that is what I love about them.IMG_4463

Over the next few weeks I will be putting up recipes that we use for our home to replace all the chemicals and make sure we are living a very low tox life. If you want to find out more about the oils and how you can get your hands on them please feel free to contact me. I would love to organise a workshop for you to show you how to reduce the toxic load in your homes.

Kym xo