It has been a long road to get to where we are now with our eating. Until you learn what something does to your body you will resist changing and you will find it hard to stick to. June 2015 was the initial change in a life long habit and I will never look back on. We were sitting on the plane heading home to Perth from Sydney after visiting our family and we started watching ‘That sugar Film’ whilst eating a Crispy Cream, how’s the irony :). This movie changed me, if you haven’t seen it please make it a priority in your life. We are all very much aware that the white stuff is bad for us but the movie is fantastic in letting us know that its not just the white stuff in lollies and ice cream but it is hidden in pretty much everything processed in our supermarkets. I could not believe the impact of this stuff on Damon Gateau’s health, what an eye opener!!

We had already been eating fairly ‘clean’ up until this point because we were sill trying to lose our ‘Heathrow injection’ from 5 years prior… but not to a point where the weight was dropping off. Sarah Wilson and I quit Sugar came next and we started to get really creative in the kitchen and continue to cook pretty much everything from scratch. The weight fell off Damian, he lost about 13kg in 6 months which was a shock to everyone as he didn’t look like he needed to lose any. I lost about 5kg a little more slowly but it made a difference and we never looked back.

I have always carried a little bit of extra weight, not that anyone would say that to me but I was always about 5-6kg over my ideal weight. Even though I played State League Netball and did high intensity exercise the weight was always difficult to maintain and it seemed to be my struggle “always”. Now I am aware of other health issues like PCOS and thyroid issues which have contributed to my struggle. Knowing this has made my need to be ‘no sugar’ a lot more important as sugar is directly affecting these problems and my risk of diabetes is high. With the role of epigenetics playing a part I can now do some things to control this risk and I will continue to do this as much as I can in my power.

So my advice to you would be, watch ‘That Sugar Film’ and read ‘I quit Sugar’. These are the two best places to start. Good luck xo