Beetroot Dip

A dip that is nutritious and easy to make, yes please!

I am a massive fan of snacks/nibbles and unfortunately this has been my undoing in the past. This is why I try to make and bring snacks/nibbles to functions so I can control what I eat and avoid the dreaded trans- fats and highly processed foods.

It seems that not a lot of good stuff is present in processed food, so I guess making it yourself is a better way of knowing exactly what is going into it. In short trans-fats raise your ‘bad’ cholesterol and ‘lower’ your good cholesterol which can increase your risk of heart disease and other chronic illness. Trans-fats in food is formed through an industrial process that adds hydrogen to vegetable oil to make it solid at room temperature, which gives food a longer shelf life.

These bad fats are pretty much in everything in your supermarket, from dips to chips to biscuits and anything pre-made that is sitting on your supermarket shelf like cakes, pastries etc. They are also used in fried foods such as hot chips, fried chicken and any meat that is cooked in vegetable oils. When you really think about it does it worry you that these products are sitting on the supermarket shelf for months on end… When you make these foods yourself they last at most a week. Maybe looking at a can/packet/container with a use by date 3 months down the track would trigger something in you to question whether it is actually good for you and whether it is actually food?

It has taken me a while to work this out myself and sometimes a slip up and eat the corn chips that are in front of me out of a life long habit. This is why I choose to make healthy options made from real food sources, temptation is then reduced.

So today when I had a family BBQ pop up I whipped up this Beetroot dip in my food processer and it was a hit with the family. I teamed it with my favourite home made biscuits and vegetable sticks for added nourishment. Enjoy this easy to make recipe.

Beetroot Dip 

1 large fresh beetroot peeled and chopped

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 Tbsp cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

2 tsp Caraway seeds

3/4 tsp sea salt flakes

1 cup cashews

Blend all of the ingredients together.

Enjoy xo

A little background to my journey

In my last post I eluded to the fact I needed to change my life but I must give you a little bit of background into why.

The story began when I met my husband 17 years ago, we were high school sweet hearts. Fast forward 12 years following a load of partying, travelling and living life without consequences, we were married and planned to start a family when we were both 29 years of age. As everyone knows at this point in your life once you are ready to have a baby, you are more than ready and quite impatient. Damian and I were no different but unfortunately my body had other plans.

After 6 months with no cycle after stopping the contraceptive pill (on it since age 15) we were thrown onto the fertility rollercoaster. And we didn’t get off for 3 years straight, which included 3 different fertility specialists, 7 ovulation induction rounds, 5 IVF cycles, some embryonic testing and the news that we would have to have a donor egg to have a baby.

Once we got off the roller coaster we decided at that point that donor egg was not the way forward for us. We decided to try the natural fertility route and this is where our story took that turn right and we have had the most amazing and eye opening experiences into our health and wellness since this time.

Gabriela Rosa’s 14 day challenge was my first port of call. She is a natural fertility specialist in Sydney and has created a Free challenge where she imparts her knowledge onto many “infertile” couples who have been trying for a baby for more than 2 years. We were perfect candidates for this. The things that we learned from her daily videos was incredible and nothing I had heard before, which I found infuriating considering its all evidenced based and the Fertility Specialists who were treating us in the past did not mention it at all.

I will let you look up her website and join her challenge but once I did the challenge I found myself fascinated with any podcast, interview and book she was a part of. I devoured her information left, right and centre and we started to change the way our house was and the products we used and the way we ate. It all made complete sense to my husband and I so it was easier to make some changes.

The other thing Gabriela offered was an exclusive program which was not free but you had access to all the resources, a personal naturopath, fortnightly Q and A’s, Emotional Release sessions and a Facebook group where you had personal access to Gabriela herself. I was hooked at this stage and my husband and I decided to go down this path before seeing another ‘regular’ Fertility Specialist.

We have never looked back. We haven’t finished our program yet as we don’t have the healthy baby in our arms, however we are extremely positive about our chance of creating this baby in the next couple of years.

Some of the things I have learned:

  • There are many toxins in the family home which can effect fertility and general health.
  • Act pregnant now to get your body ready for a baby.
  • Woman can put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies every day which can mimic and affect the hormone balance in the body
  • EMF and wireless internet can effect the body and hormone balance
  • Minor factors that effect fertility (ie, PCOS, thyroid, heavy metal toxins, leaky gut) can all add up and cause a perfect storm for infertility. Each minor factor must be addressed before optimal fertility can be achieved.
  • Our bodies are deficient in many vitamins and minerals due to the standard Australian diet and processed foods.
  • Gluten, Dairy and Sugar can cause an inflammatory reaction in the body and can have an effect on hormone regulation
  • MTHFR does cause methylation problems in the body and has an effect on many functions, especially the liver.
  • High intensity exercise can increase your stress hormone cortisol so we are better off with a lower intensity exercise like Yoga and walking.
  • The chemicals in plastic containers leach into the foods, especially when you heat them up which can cause problems with hormone regulation.

Plus so much more. This only scratches the surface.

Gabriela was the catalyst and my research has been significant and widespread since this time. When we first started changing things we were a little unsure and worried that we were being taken for a ride, but then when you start researching this stuff IT IS EVERYWHERE. Why doesn’t every single person know this stuff?? Why is it not main stream??

I must admit, I initially did try to change everyone in my circle to the way we were living but realized that this is a bit of a process and everyone is at a different stage in their life. Unfortunately it takes a health crisis most of the time before someone will have the motivation to change their life. Ours was ‘sub-fertility’ and we are still trying to master the new way of living and its been 18months.

If you have any questions relating to this or anything in general about our IVF journey or anything else just get in contact with me, I am always willing to chat about our experience. If we can help one person or a couple to change their life and create a healthier life for themselves and their family I will be happy.