It has been a long road to get to where we are now with our eating. Until you learn what something does to your body you will resist changing and you will find it hard to stick to. June 2015 was the initial change in a life long habit and I will never look back on. We were sitting on the plane heading home to Perth from Sydney after visiting our family and we started watching ‘That sugar Film’ whilst eating a Crispy Cream, how’s the irony :). This movie changed me, if you haven’t seen it please make it a priority in your life. We are all very much aware that the white stuff is bad for us but the movie is fantastic in letting us know that its not just the white stuff in lollies and ice cream but it is hidden in pretty much everything processed in our supermarkets. I could not believe the impact of this stuff on Damon Gateau’s health, what an eye opener!!

We had already been eating fairly ‘clean’ up until this point because we were sill trying to lose our ‘Heathrow injection’ from 5 years prior… but not to a point where the weight was dropping off. Sarah Wilson and I quit Sugar came next and we started to get really creative in the kitchen and continue to cook pretty much everything from scratch. The weight fell off Damian, he lost about 13kg in 6 months which was a shock to everyone as he didn’t look like he needed to lose any. I lost about 5kg a little more slowly but it made a difference and we never looked back.

I have always carried a little bit of extra weight, not that anyone would say that to me but I was always about 5-6kg over my ideal weight. Even though I played State League Netball and did high intensity exercise the weight was always difficult to maintain and it seemed to be my struggle “always”. Now I am aware of other health issues like PCOS and thyroid issues which have contributed to my struggle. Knowing this has made my need to be ‘no sugar’ a lot more important as sugar is directly affecting these problems and my risk of diabetes is high. With the role of epigenetics playing a part I can now do some things to control this risk and I will continue to do this as much as I can in my power.

So my advice to you would be, watch ‘That Sugar Film’ and read ‘I quit Sugar’. These are the two best places to start. Good luck xo

Things that have motivated me to change my life.

Everyone has a story, I’m no different but I am not in the business of sharing a sob story on this website. I will let you know one thing though, I did start writing that sob story and it has helped me immensely! Writing some posts about my health journey over the past four years helped to put everything in perspective and somehow gave me so much motivation to continue working on changing my life for the better. I wrote four blog posts and it made me remember how far we had actually come and gave me so much clarity in continuing this journey. Everyone has their own journey to live, mine has taken a big turn right and I am seeing so many positives in it. Before I wrote these things down I didn’t realize how much it was holding me back, so I encourage everyone to write their stuff down! Let it go and move forward, that’s what I did and this has really opened my eyes to a very bright future. My story hasn’t finished yet, there are still many chapters to go until I will write the book!!

Apart from writing things down I had some help from some amazing people. I would never be able to tell them directly, however I would like to acknowledge them here and maybe someone else will be able to get some nuggets of wisdom from these people. I have found that watching their films and documentaries, reading their books and listening to their podcasts has given me a more in depth understanding about health and wellness in all aspects of life. Most of these people have come to their own realization that their health was at a point that was affecting their lives negatively and this is how they found their way out. I will list them here but will write a little more about them in the coming weeks and months as they deserve more than to be in a list for helping me change to living my best life.

  1. That sugar film- Damon Gameau (
  2. I quit sugar- Sarah Wilson (
  3. Balance your Hormones Balance your life- Dr Claudia Welsh
  4. A Healthy Life- Jessica Sepel (
  5. Taking charge of your Fertility- Toni Weschler
  6. Gabriela Rosa: Naturopath (
  7. A Miracle morning: Hal Elrod (
  8. FMTV: Food Matters TV- James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch (
  9. The Wellness Couch Podcasts- The Natural Nutritionist, the Wellness Guys, Kale Brock, That Paleo Show.
  10. Low Tox Life podcast- Alexx Stuart
  11. Melissa Ambrosini- Mastering your Mean Girl (

I am sure there are many more that have helped me along my journey but these are the ones that have stood out and helped me to get on top of my health issues. If you need any help in finding them I am very glad to steer you in the right direction.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up”- Thomas A. Edison