Testimonials for the Integrative Wellness Series!

“I don’t often do “testimonials” – I am 59 and have actually only done 1 other testimonial in my whole life!  However, these 2 young ladies deserve my feedback and recognition. 

Kym and Brodie have both been through their own journeys with health/wellness and the knowledge that they impart is gold.  I participated in a 6 week health and wellness course with Brodie and Kym and as a personal trainer, fitness and wellness advocate I was inspired.  I now work in an office environment but my fitness/health journey continues; we never stop learning. 

The 6 week course that I attended was welcoming, fun, inspiring and knowledgeable.  Brodies yoga sessions were amazing.  I am normally a Grit Strength, huff puff high energy type of exerciser but Brodie’s yoga sessions were amazing; the best I have ever done and I have participated in yoga before! 

After some healthy and yummy refreshments it was Kym’s turn for our health/wellness talk – I could sit and listen to Kym all day, the passion and knowledge that she passed on to us was, like I said above, GOLD!  Very easy to understand and no jargon involved.  What we learnt related to our everyday lives and we learnt how to make small changes for our health.  Would I participate in another 6 week workshop with Kym and Brodie – ABSOLUTELY!”

“Your Integrative Wellness Series was extremely enlightening, engaging and fun.  I thank you so much for allowing me to discover the life-changing benefits of wellness and yoga. Brodie, your beautiful energy and presence makes you an amazing yoga instructor.   I can’t express how much I enjoyed your yoga flow … sharing your expertise, speaking in a clear, calm and well-modulated voice whilst guiding the class through a variety of poses with a focus on coordinating movement with the breath.  Your yoga classes calm my mind and body and always leave me with a soothing feeling … it’s wonderful!!!! 

Kym, wow, there’s so much I learnt from you with regards to health and wellness … the crucial role gut health plays in our overall health and well-being, how to reduce toxic load and stress, improve sleeping, self-care and love … etc.  You are a “salt of the earth” person and sharing your own personal experiences and journey with the class is inspiring.You are both so genuine, passionate and amazing at what you do.”

“Before my 6 week wellness series I thought detoxing was just completing a juice cleanse or not drinking alcohol for a certain amount of time…Didn’t think too deep about what I was putting on my skin or what kind of deodorant I was using Brodie and Kym have given me knowledge and tips from correcting my yoga poses to chewing over 20 times before I swallow my foodThank you SO much guys, I recommend this series to anyone”