The Integrative Wellness Series


Welcome to NEXT level health and wellness

Kym and Brodie are two Perth women who are deeply passionate about educating and empowering people to be the best version of themselves inside and out. We have created a series of events to educate YOU on the foundations of health and wellness. We will be providing YOU with practical skills that you can incorporate into your day and start focusing on living a more conscious and balanced life.

We are living in a time where we need to start being our own healer to establish equilibrium and prevent dis-ease. Kym and Brodie have studied an Integrative Health Practitioner Certification course which has broadened their knowledge in the wellness arena, particularly on returning the body to equilibrium. They have learnt that through balancing our bodies with this protocol we have the ability to THRIVE.

We have created this series for the modern day woman who needs simple solutions to optimise health, for the active man who wants to reconnect with himself, for the mature woman who is looking to optimise health and thrive into her later years, and for the mum or dad who has lost themselves in the rush of life and has forgotten to take time out… The Integrative Wellness Series is for YOU.


We are excited to share with you three options:

OPTION 1: $200 for all six weeks (EARLYBIRD SPECIAL $160)

OPTION 2: $150 for three sessions of your choice (EARLYBIRD SPECIAL $120)

OPTION 3: $60 for one session of your choice

Join us as we detangle the noise and guide you towards NEXT level health and wellness.

Kym and Brodie


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What YOU will experience with The Integrative Wellness Series

Rebalancing Yoga Flow: 1 hour

Every week Brodie will guide you through a beautiful hour long Rebalancing Yoga Flow. This flow will help you

DE-STRESS your body and mind and help you return to your equilibrium state.

This flow is suitable for all levels, from beginner to experienced.

Workshop Topics: 45 minutes

Week 1: 16th June

How the body detoxifies and how to reduce your toxic load

Week 2: 23rd June

How to reduce your stress and improve sleep

Week 3: 30th June

Gut health, nutrition and supplementation

Week 4: 7th July

Matching your exercise to your Ayurvedic body type and why you should

Week 5: 14th July

Hormone health 101 and what everyone should know

Week 6: 21st July

Emotions, mindset, self care and self love

Who are we?

Brodie is a certified Yoga Teacher who completed her training in the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh in India. She has been practicing yoga for over six years. Her practice first began as an alternative form of exercise to dance. Her practice was initially purely Asana based, for the physical body. Soon after commencing she began to realise the real depths of yoga, and how much more than just a physical practice it had to offer. Yoga was a place for her to reunite with herself from her career in the mining world and helped her to lower her stress in the workplace. She has recently left the FIFO life to focus more on her own health and her true passion for yoga, health and wellness.


Brodie loves teaching yoga as it’s a place for individuals to reconnect with their bodies, their breath and to calm their mind from the sympathetic dominance of today. She particularly loves seeing the change in a student’s faces pre and post class, when students are in a state of bliss. Brodie has also completed a Bachelor of Science and is deeply passionate about health and wellness. She is currently completing a Nutrition Degree as well as the Integrative Health Practitioner Certification course.

Kym is an Integrative Health Practitioner, an Essential Oils Educator and an experienced Physiotherapist.

Wellness is a lifelong journey and we need to be at the steering wheel. Kym is passionate about giving people the knowledge to take their health back into their own hands and become the healer within their own homes.

Kym is a “Learner” and thrives off research and science in her pursuit for wellness. Her own health journey has been a long and arduous one which will continue to be a lifelong process. Through her own health challenges she understands the difficulties we face in becoming well again and preventing chronic disease. Prevention is better than a cure, so her main focus is helping people to see the value in improving their wellness NOW before they have a health issue that derails them.


Kym has a particular passion for low tox living and loves teaching the masses how to ditch the toxic stuff and replace most products in the home with essential oils and super simple DIY’s. Essential oils are mother nature at her most powerful and Kym will guide you to become a modern day ‘hippy’. Using alternatives to the toxic stuff is so important for our hormones, detoxification systems and overall vitality.