The Natural Nursery

There are so many reasons why I created this book. Number one reason was for myself. As most of you know I am currently pregnant with a miracle baby after 8 years of trying and the journey into the low tox world over that time has been in depth. When you find out you are pregnant your mind switches to a different stage in life, from preparing to conceive, to pregnancy and then into parenthood.

Each of these phases needed a different bit of attention. Now….I had 8 years to understand the low tox life and prepare myself, but once it switched to pregnancy I had to move fast. Luckily all the same principles applied and we continue on our merry way, learning about how the body prepares for birth etc.

We only get 7 months, at a stretch, to prepare to become a parent and with that comes research and more research. I had an idea about how I wanted our house to look and all of the low tox principles came into play and became overwhelmed with the choices. If I am overwhelmed, then I am sure other parent-to-be’s are too.

But this book isn’t just for mums and dads, it’s for aunties and uncles, grandparents, friends, colleagues to understand the importance of starting life with low tox in mind. This is not only for our little ones, it is also for our planet.

So, I put this book together for me but I hope that it helps you too, in whatever stage of life you have started to become more mindful. Let me know of your successes and struggles and if you find any more options. I’m always looking to expand my search.

Enjoy and tag me on social media if you are finding it helpful, and if you are a mum to be, share it with your family and friends so they know what to get your little one to have the best start to life!

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Kym xx