Whipped Shaving Cream

So this beautiful recipe has been adopted from a lovely book called “The Inspired Little Gift Book” by Krissy Ballinger. My husband uses this every day and he smells so good, I have changed the recommended blend of oils but the base is similar. She is bringing out a new book in April so I can’t wait to get my hands on that, the recipes never fail and are so good. Especially if you are using the highest quality essential oils, ie doTERRA. This is no tox at its best, why did we think we needed preservatives and chemicals?? It is simply not true!

Let me know how you go!


75g shea butter

75g coconut oil

50g Dr Bronners castille soap

12 drops of Patchouli

8 drops of Bergamot

5 drops of Cedarwood

I get my ingredients here but there are so many online shops that you can get it from. I try and use organic where I can.


  1. Melt coconut oil and shea butter
  2. Add Castille soap and essential oil once the mixture has cooled slightly
  3. Place bowl in fridge until almost solidified
  4. Use an electric beater (I use the Thermomix) to whip until light and airy
  5. Rest mixture for 30 minutes and repeat
  6. Scoop into jars and gift to the men in your life, No tox at its best!


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